Hard work

Looking at my big basket of wool, ready to spin, reminds me of last summer. Hand spinning really is a labour of love and the final woven articles show no evidence of the hours of hard work which go into making the yarn.


All of these batts of fleece in my lovely big basket came direct from Scottish farmers in the form of raw, dirty fleeces. Each fleece had to be sorted and then washed very gently in small portions by soaking in buckets of warm, soapy water. I spun each handful of fleece in my salad spinner (no longer used for salad….) so it took me a whole day to process a single fleece. Drying had to be done outdoors on a sunny day and I found the top of our pet rabbit run was the best place to let the air blow through as the sun dried the wool. Once the wool was dry it had to be carded into lovely combed tubes of wool known as batts and then the batts could be dyed. Once dried after the dye bath the wool was finally ready to spin. Several days are spent preparing the wool and many hours spent spinning the wool to prepare it for the scarves you see here in my shop.


One thought on “Hard work

  1. Beautiful work! It’s sad really how few people actually appreciate the amount of time and effort that may have gone into producing a batt or a hank of hand-spun yarn. Many wonder why one would actually want to spin as ‘you can but it much easier and much cheaper at the local supermarket’ 😦


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