Shades of gold

Today I’m feeling really pleased with myself for a woolly recycle which worked out really well and some silky spinning, all in shades of gold.

I was given an old knitted fairisle cardigan which was no longer wearable. The colours went so well with my couch that I decided to recycle it a convert it into a cushion. I simply machined across at the bottom ribbing and also at armpit height, kept the buttons down the back of the cushion, and hey presto, a stunning cushion.


With this little job done I decided to tackle some silk which I bought last year at Woolfest and had been meaning to spin for some time. Spinning silk is a little trickier than spinning wool as it is more slippery. It also tends to catch on dry hands so I find it helps to use plenty of hand cream first. I think I might ply this lovely golden thread with some brightly coloured wool eventually and then weave it into a scarf which will hopefully end up in my shop. Here’s the silk on the bobbin of my spinning wheel.



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