Carding and spinning

Carding is the process whereby the washed fleece  is ‘combed’ to prepare the fibres for use. The finished batts of fleece can now be used either for felting or spinning. For small amounts of wool you can use hand carders but for a whole fleece this would be unrealisitc. I use an Ashford drum carder which involves feeding the fibres into one side of the drum and turning a handle to pull the fibres through so that they wrap around the hooks on the drum in an aligned fashion. The wool is then removed from the drum by carefully pulling the fibres off the hooks.Katrin Eagle spinning

The carder I have is an Ashford drum carder which I purchased from Once A Sheep, an excellent supplier of equipment for spinning. Each batt weighs about 30 -50 grammes so it can take some time to card a whole fleece which can weigh a few kilos!

The finished batts always hold such promise of what they can be transformed into!

Katrin Eagle wool



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