Dyeing wool batts, summertime memories.

Wool can be purchased in many forms for spinning. One of my favourite suppliers here in the UK is  World of Wool  who sell a vast range of fibres and colours. However there is nothing quite as satisfying as sourcing a raw fleece, washing and carding it all by hand and then dyeing it yourself. It gives me the same happy feeling as making my own orange marmalade or strawberry jam.

I like to dye on a very small scale, just one batt at a time using microwave dyes. I mix  a dyebath in a large old pyrex bowl, used only for this prupose and never for foods. The dyes I use are the appropriately named Easy Peasy Dyes, run by very friendly folk who deliver very promptly.  The wetted batt is immersed  in the bath and then simply cooked for a few minutes. Then it is very gently rinsed in warm water and spun in a salad spinner. The batt is then gently unfolded and can either be laid on a towel indoors to dry or preferably outdoors on a mesh or bench where air and sun can reach it.

Katrin Eagle dyed batts

Last summer I had a feast of dyeing inspired by  my garden and ended up with a wonderful array of mixed batts from several different species of sheep and also some alpaca. The final batts were used for spinning projects and even now I’m still working my way through them, savouring each splash of colour as it reminds me of summertime.

Katrin Eagle spinning IMG_0268


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