Spinning for hand weaving

The lovely nasturtium shades which I carded were eventually spun into a wonderful unique yarn. I plied the wool with a bright turquoise thread to gove it strength and brightness. The spinning wheel which I use is made by  Ashford in New Zealand but is readily available through various outlets. I bought mine from Once a Sheep who have an online shop based in Scotland and deliver very quickly.

This week I’ve been weaving using this handspun wool on my little loom, a very basic one but ideal for making scarves which simply show off the lovely textures which can be obtained. For the warp I used a lovely hand dyed hank of blue faced Leicester which contained splashes of green to pick up the blue/green shades in my handspun. The joy of hand spinning is that you make up your own rules as you go along. I don’t try to achieve unformity of colour or thickness in the yarn – if I wanted that I could pick yarn from a regular wool shop. For the warp (the lengthways thread) I tend to use a machine spun thread as it is less likely to snap. I often find large cones of yarn in thrift shops and pick up ends of line in the sales too.

Here you can see that the yellow silk which I threw into the mix in random places shows up more in some sections than in others. I decided to alternate stripes of handspun with stripes of the hand dyed warp yarn to give this beautiful variegated final effect.

Katrin Eagle weaving
Ready to weave
Katrin Eagle weaving
On the loom
Katrin Eagle weaving
The finished scarf

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