Frosty skies and beech hedges

Today I started another little woven scarf using what’s left of my handspun ‘nasturtium’ shade. I needed somthing to combine it with and as if by magic, I found the perfect match.

On saturday I had the good fortune to come across some wonderful locally grown wool at Petersfield Farmer’s Market. It is a soft shetland cross from a flock in Hampshire called The Smallholding at Tufton . It was a very cold morning at the market and I was whizzing through looking for honey, when suddenly I saw WOOL. A lovely big crate of beautifully coloured, neatly wound balls of wool was waiting for me to rummage and squeeze. I was tempted by so many colours but settled in the end for these four to get me started.

Katrin Eagle weaving
Lovely yarn from The Tufton Smallholding

When I got home I found that the soft pale blue was just what I needed to go with the remaining handspun so last night I warped it up as a stripe with some of the handspun. Today I started working on it. Looking out of my window at my orange beech hedge, in it’s shades of dry winter foliage, I decided that  weaving the handspun with a mixture of blues and greens would tell a story of frosty cold skies and dormant hedges.

This is how it is looking so far. I’m weaving quite loosely so that the final result is not too stiff. The slightly bulkier handspun green is adding a nice chunky texture too.

Katrin Eagle weaving
Getting started

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