Today I decided that I’m going to try to do a little spinning each day so that I have a constant supply of lovely yarns to weave with. I discovered a purple batt of blended alpaca, Oxford down and purple silk. I had dyed several different shades, carded to blend the colours a little, then spun it quite roughly to maintain a nice earthy, bumpy finish. No point trying to spin smoothly and evenly because we can all buy that at the shops!

Katrin Eagle weaving
Purple wool and yellow silk

I had spun the golden silk a few days ago and decided that it would give rather a striking contrast to the purple if I plyed these two fibres together. It is possible to spin and use a single fibre, but I like to ply two together to add strength and also as an opportunity to combine fibres from differing origins.

The finished product is rather striking and will weave up beautifully. I’m thinking of using two colours in the warp thread, yet to decide which two.

Katrin Eagle spinning
Handspun yarn

Tonight I shall allow it to rest on the bobbin and then wrap it into a lovely hank ready for the next step.


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