Handmade gloves from Poland

Today I took delivery of a lovely little parcel from Poland. I had been browsing on Etsy and spotted these gorgeous gloves made from an Estonian yarn which I love to use myself. They caught my eye as they have such amazing detail in the lacework and the colouring is also stunning. I get more pleasure from buying a unique handmade article than I ever would from buying something mass produced. This little delivery came complete with a tiny bar of Polish chocolate and smelled beautifully of some kind of essential oil

Image preview

The shading of the yarn gives such a pretty effect similar to what I try to achieve when I dye fibre. I tend to dye small batches of carded white fleece and then card them again to blend the colours. The nicest thing is that the effect is completely random as nothing is weighed or measured the way it is in commercially produced yarns. The joy of  hand spinning is knowing that you have produced something unique. Consequently the woven or knitted product made from it will also have a certain magic.


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