Weaving contrasts

This week I’ve been weaving a couple of scarves from yarn I spun earlier in the year. Spinning a strand of natural Jacob fleece and plying it with a beautifully dyed strand of mohair made a lofty, beautiful yarn. I decided to weave it into two contrasting scarves. It always surprises me how different the final piece can turn out when the warping yarns are changed.

One is woven over a very neutral natural woollen yarn and the other uses locally sourced Hampshire wool and some pink hand dyed blue-faced Leicester which was produced by Old Maiden Aunt in Scotland. This produces little squares of colour along the scarf. The neutral themed scarf was woven using just my handspun and produces a more subdued and sophisticated final effect.

Woven over a neutral warp
Woven over a neutral warp
Katrin Eagle weaving
Woven over two colour warp showing lilac and pink twisted fringes
Katrin Eagle weaving
Still on the loom showing the blocks of colour where the trheads cross

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