Weaving again

Today I finally had a blind installed in my new studio window. This means I have a little more privacy as I sit at my desk creating lovely woolly things. I also tidied my desk and made a little more space for studio cat Florence to lie down on her special sheepskin blanket.


It is a beautiful warm yellow blind which gives a cheery glow to my workspace and will give shade from the heat of the sun in the summer. With all this yellow around me, I felt the urge to stat weaving something using warm golden shades. I had spun some yellow silk a few weeks ago and plied it with handspun orange and red hand processed shetland wool from last summer. For the warp thread I decided to spice things up a little by using a wonderful Estonian yarn which has the most amazing phases of colour within it. It changes from orange through purple to green.  The flashes of yellow silk seem to really pop out against the darker colours, i can’t wait to see this scarf finished.

Katrin Eagle weaving
Weaving a spicy coloured scarf



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