Niddy Noddy

Niddy noddy is such a lovely name for a very simple piece of equipment which is used in hand spinning. It is in fact a very simple piece of wood with a bar across each end, one twisted through 90 degrees from the other. This enables a freshly spun bobbin of wool from ths spinning wheel to be neatly wrapped around the two ends in such a way that a hank of yarn is produced. I have a large one (seen here being used as a chin rest by studio cat Florence) and a small one for wrapping smaller sample hanks or speciality yarns.

Katrin Eagle weaving
Niddy noddy used as a chin rest.

Last weekend I decided to investigate my wool stocks and found I have a rather alarming volume of dyed and washed fleeces which I sourced from Scottish farmers last summer. This means that I have a huge amount of spinning ahead of me to make use of all this wonderful fibre. Generally it take me a whole day to spin 100 grammes of wool and another day to weave it into a scarf. Judging by the pillowcases full of fleece I have found in my wool stash, I’m going to be busy for an awfully long time…..

This coming weekend I have a ticket to go to Unravel. As the name suggests, this is a festival for those wishing to buy wool and related products ands I now sadly think I’m going to have to use a great deal of self control to stop myself adding excessively to my ever growing stash.


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