On friday I had an amazing afternoon at Unravel .

The stalls filled several large rooms at Farnham Maltings and I didn’t know where to begin. I felt overwhelmed by colour and texture. My plan was to only buy what I could fit into the (rather generous) bag I had bought with me. I had to use enormous self control and made sure that everything I bought had been carefully considered and an end project earmarked.

My favourite theme was naturally dyed fibres and I was inspired by a wonderous array of plant dyed cotswold fleece. Large mixed bags of golden ochre yellows and indigo blues dragged me toward them. I had to give in to the temptation. Now they are laid out on my studio floor waiting for me to decide whether to use the colours individually or to blend them with my drum carder to produce amazing, subtle shades. Natural dyes have a quality which can never be achieved with chemical dyes for some reason.

In the next room there was another stall with natural dyes, this time from Chile where women are being helped to better their lives by producing beautiful fibres.Liz from Ananuca told me about the people who make the yarns and I invested in a lovely large wooden needle, like a huge sewing needle made from recycled wooden roof shingles. I think I’ll be using this to thread interesting feature fibres into my scarves.

Here is a picture of everything I had bought by the end of the day. I would have loved to stay longer but knew I had to stop….

Katrin Eagle weaving


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