Wool Art

One of my favourite processes with wool is the creation of pictures using needle felting techniques. I call this wool art because I think of it as painting with fibre. I do not use wet felting techniques as I feel the  flattening of the wool involved in wet felting spoils the subtle colour blends and destroys the sculptural aspects of the work.

Initially I prepare a woolly ‘canvas’ either from some old woollen fabric or a sheet of prefelt. Then I begin to layer loose bundles of fibre in the desired shades onto the base. I gradually begin to needle the surface with a tool involving 6 felting needles to cover a larger area easily. This slowly locks the fibres to produce a loose felt. As I start to put in more detail I use finer needles to add progressively more detail. I Try to make the surface quite three dimensional by varying the density of felting across the image. Here is a work in progress.

felt art
Wool art landscape in progress

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