How to make a felted Easter bunny decoration

With the sun shining and crocuses popping up in my garden, my thoughts are turning to springtime decorations. After looking through my fleece store I decided to make a felted bunny which can be hung alongside other Easter decorations. I love the idea of an Easter tree which is covered in small gifts or toys, a little like a Christmas tree. I had made a chick and an egg already from coloured roving as you  can seeKatrin Eagle felt here. They would work well on a pretty branch in a vase indoors, maybe even mixed in with some spring flowers.

To provide a framework, I found this lovely  shaped cookie cutter and decided to use a natural coloured grey wool. This time of year the stores seem to have a good selection of Easter themed cutters to choose from. First step is to place the cutter on a foam base and use the felting needle to push the fibre into the shape of the cutter, repeatedly pricking at it until it starts to firm up and take the desired shape.

Felted easter bunny

Gradually work away until the face of it is even, then turn the cutter over and do the same from the other side. By now the wool should be feeling nicely solid and can be popped out from the cutter.

needle felted rabbit

At this stage you can start to prick the sides of the rabbit to enhance the contours of the shape and even out the bumps in the fleece. Still working on a foam base to protect the tip of the needle. Once you are happy with the shape and thickness, you can wrap a little white roving around the tail and needle it in. I also added a tiny spot of pink to the nose and added a little blue eye. Simply felt these in with the tip of the needle, or you could sew on a small bead instead. Don’t forget to do this on both the front and the back.

needle felted rabbit

needle felted rabbit decoration

A little thread or ribbon is now all that is needed to hang it up. I would love to make a whole host of these to make a wonderful table centrepiece, hanging on a willow branch or a branch with catkins.

Do share your Springtime rabbit pictures with me, I would love to see hundreds of them!


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