Making covered buttons from woven textile

This week I’ve been busy weaving up stretches of textile from lots of odd pieces of yarn. I hate to throw anything away, especially if it is yarn which I have spun by hand. Weaving without a plan has been very liberating because I have thrown together colour combinations which I would not normally consider and have been pleasantly surprised at the outcome. This process is really known as sampling, where colour combinations are tested. My intention was to make a piece of fabric which is to be cut up and used for covering buttons. I have a jacket which really could do with a facelift and I think putting a row of unique buttons onto it will spice it up nicely. Here is the fabric and some of the finished buttons too. The buttons I used were purchased from a local haberdashery store and are very easy to cover as they come with instructions. I was so happy with the final result that I’m going to weave up another piece and make a whole load of them which might even end up in my webstore.

Katrin Eagle weaving
Woven textile sample
Katrin Eagle weaving
Covered buttons from handmade textile

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