How to cover a button with hand woven fabric

I’ve covered a nice little heap of buttons now and have worked out the best way to do this using my hand woven fabric. The problem with handweave is that the threads are quite loose so if you try to use the normal method of running a gathering thread around a circle of fabric, it all falls apart. I’ve worked out a method where I tuck and fold the fabric. If you find your fabric frays too easily, iron  a piece of lightweight iron-on interfacing to your fabric. To make it extra neat you can use your sewing machine to zigzag around the edge of your circle to secure the fabric to the interfacing even more securely

To begin with, cut a square of your fabric about 1cm bigger  than your button.

Katrin Eagle weavingKatrin Eagle weaving

Then trim off the corners. Start folding the fabric round the button in little tucks and hold in place with your fingertips. Once you’ve gone all the way round, position the backing disc ( spiky side facing down) onto the shank of the button but only push it part way down.

Katrin Eagle weavingKatrin Eagle weaving

Then use a needle or a thin knitting pin to tuck the fabric neatly under so that the sides of the button are snugly and evenly covered.

Katrin Eagle weaving

Finally press the backing disc firmly into place using a spool of thread to push. This will push the back disc firmly up the shank so that it holds the fabric in place. Your finished button should look neat and smooth and is now ready to attach to any garment to add a special finishing touch.

Katrin Eagle weaving


If you don’t get round to making your own you might like to treat yourself to a little selection from my button shop!


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