A new logo

Recently I decided that it’s time to have a professional logo and emblem designed. I’ve spent many an hour trying to do this myself but eventually decided that professional help was needed if I was to end up with something that I had total confidence in using.

My problem was that I wanted something which represented all aspects of my work, both my wool work and my design work. This meant that the emblem needs to wordlessly convey my interest in Estonian traditional motifs as well as my passion for heritage skills such as spinning, feltingĀ  and weaving.

I stumbled into a site where I could post the job and see who bid on it. Within minutes of posting my brief, offers started pouring in. I examined each designer’s profile and history as if I were interviewing for a job. This could have gone on for many hours but I soon found someone who I liked the sound of. I had already filtered out candidates from other countries as I felt strongly that I wanted to employ someone in my home country, England. I picked up an enthusiasm from the website of the designer I selected and my intuition served me well.

Within a few hours she had researched my work and grasped exactly what I needed .In a matter of a couple of days (working over a sunny weekend), Danielle of Little Saint had come up with a whole host of ideas.

She extracted design features from several of my designs and patiently worked around my feedback. Spoiled for choice I eventually plumped for a lovely motif which she had extracted by magical means from one of my Estonian inspired cat designs. Bringing in colours and typeface to suit my portfolio, she formulated a logo which I feel will serve me well.

Here it is!

Katrin Eagle


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