Into Deepest Hampshire in search of wool.

Today I had the most wonderful adventure into deepest Hampshire on a mission to source new fibres.

I had heard mention of a farm where sheep were grown for their lovely fleece and the wool was available as beautiful yarns as well as fibe for spinning. Sounded like my perfect place so I contacted Emma at The Little Grey Sheep and arranged to visit her barn at Manor farm. A 30 minute drive took me along winding country lanes, lush with Springtime greneery and bluebells, past ancient thatched roofed cottages. The sunshine added to the uplifting mood of the drive and soon I was pulling into Manor Farm, a stunning old farmhouse.

Emma made me very welcome and led me round to a splendid newly refurbished barn where upstairs was a nook which can only be described as wool heaven. The colours of yarn were just breathtakingly beautiful. Visiting a specialist yarn producer at their ‘home’ is so much better than when they are one of many stalls at a wool festival where wool overload means that you can’t take everything in. I could feel my brain soaking up shades of reds, greens and lilacs………do I want yarn or fleece for spinning…..I want it all………..

The LIttle Grey Sheep

I eventually plumped for a mouthwatering set of shades of greens and reds, all wonderfully varied in tones from being dyed by hand. I know I already have a vast stash of fibre at home, but I believe a person can never have too much wool (also it can be squashed down so that other people don’t actually know how much you have).


So now I need to finish the piece which is currently on my loom and warp up with this zingy green. Then I need to spin the green fibre, ply it with the rich blue I have just finished spinning, and I will be ready to start weaving yet another scarf. By the autumn I should have a nice lot of weaving done ready for the little exhibition I’m planning for in October.


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