A beautiful stitched cushion

Today I want to share a beautiful piece of stitching and the story of who made it.

I have an aunt who is one of the most talented designers I know. She produces the most beautiful and varied designs for stitching and has a skillful  eye for colour. Her ideas are often based on Estonian themes as this is her personal heritage and her colour themes tend to veer towards natural earthy colours.

A very long time ago, in the 1950s, she trained in textile but  never put her skills to professional use as her career steered toards teaching in other areas. However her love of needlework has always been a passion and now her spare time is filled with creativity as old age has left her physically less mobile than she once was. Old age has made eyes weaker and fingers stiffer but the creative spirit is still strong.

Last year I asked her if she could make a cushion panel for me to go with the colour scheme in my home and within weeks she rustled up this amazing panel of her own design. It arrived in the post, carefully rolled around a cardboard tube, winging its way from Canada to the UK. I had been looking out for the right fabric with which to finish it off and recently came across some Harris tweed in deep umber tones. This made the perfect frame for the panel and a charcoal grey wool finished the backing. It is a large floor cushion, now in pride of place in my living room forever.

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