A special commission

Sometimes I am asked to make a special piece of wool art for a client. I particularly enjoy these opportunities as they are very personal and it is an honour to be chosen as an artist in these instances. The chosen scene is often of a particular place which is special to someone. Latterly I’ve been asked to produce wool art to celebrate seventh wedding anniversaries, the Wool Anniversary.

Recently I was asked to base a composition on a particular location in the south of England and the client sent me a few photos as a starting point. Here is one of them.


She particularly wanted me to emphasise the dramatic sky and include various greens in the picture. As wool is a clumsier medium to work with than paint, I worked on simplifying some of the elements which appealed to me and selected a colour group of warm lilacs, soft greys and greens. The little farm building gave a focal point and the client also asked for some sheep to be included. The finished picture captures the mood of the location whilst I’ve been able to stay true to my personal artistic style in the interepretation.

A little trip to the picture framer to have a custom design deep frame of solid oak is all that is now needed!



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