A hat to knit

Recently I came across some wonderfully soft locally produced knitting yarn in the most delicious rich colours at the farmers’ market near my home. It comes from a farm called The Smallholding at Tufton in Hampshire who farm shetland sheep. As well as natural shades they have some lovely rich colours and I chose a ball of rich warm yellow and a ball of Christmassy red. I decided to try my hand at making a cheerful patterned hat from it and was so pleased with the result that I wrote down the pattern to share. I chose the double knitting weight which is 50g (120m) per ball and decided to knit using 4mm needles. It fits me nicely but if you decided to make it you might like to make the ribbing a little deeper depending on how far over your ears you like your hats to come. It could also be made longer at any of the plain row stages by adding another row here or there and could also be made to fit a larger head by going up a needle size.

Usually I knit in a less structured way using my handspun yarns so writing out a pattern was a new departure for me but I was pleased with the outcome and am going to share it. If you make it, please remember that it is just for your personal use and if you wish to use it commercially then please ask my permission to use the design.

The design is a very simple 2 colour pattern on a circular needle and would be an easy one for anyone trying out a two colour design for the first time.

If you make it I would love to see it in other colours so please share your pictures with me.

Here are the instructions!

Cheerful hat
Using 4mm circular needles cast on 84 stitches in main colour. For this design the main colour is Red.
Join round to make a full circle, taking care not to twist the stitches and work in K2P2 rib for 5cm. At this stage you can make the ribbing deeper according to your personal taste. You may like to use a marker to indicate the end of the round if this helps you to keep track of the start of the pattern.
Row 1 -2 knit 2 rows yellow
Rows 3-4 K2 Red, K2 Yellow to end
Rows 5-6 K2 Yellow K2 Red to end
Rows 7-8 K2 Red K2 Yellow to end
Rows 8-10 Knit in Yellow
Rows 11-12 Knit in Red
Rows 13-14 (Knit 3 Red, 1 Yellow) repeat to end
Rows 15-16 K1Yellow, K1Red, (knit 3Y, 1R) 20 times, knit 2 yellow
Rows 17-18 Knit in Yellow
Rows 19-20 (Knit 1 Red,3 Yellow) repeat to end
Rows 21-22 Knit 2 Red (K1Yellow, K3Red) repeat 20 times, K1Red
Rows 23-25 Knit Red
Row26 Knit 3 Red (K1Yellow,K3Red)repeat to end
Row 27-29 KRed
Row 30 Knit 1 Red (1Yellow,3Red) 20 times, then K1Yellow. K2 Red. Break yellow leaving a tail to thread in later.
Row 31 Knit Red
Row 32 (Knit 5, K2tog) repeat to end
Row 33 (Knit 4, K2tog) repeat to end
Row 34 (Knit 3, K2tog) repeat to end
Row 34 (Knit2, K2 tog) repeat to end
Row 35 knit
Last row. Keep repeating (k2tog) until only 12 stitches remain. Break the yarn and thread the end through the remaining stitches with a darning needle. Pull tight and stitch down on the underside to create a secure finish and cover the tiny hole which forms the centre of the ring. Thread other loose ends in on inside.

I used about half of the red ball and a third of the yellow so plenty left over to start another project!



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