Knitting with handspun yarns

When I’m at craft markets with my handpsun yarns people often admire and touch them but have a fear of actually using them because they don’t quite look like shop bought yarns. I spin in a variety of fibres and thicknesses and tend to produce something which is probably of an aran weight but the variable texture and loftiness can confuse those who are looking for something ‘safe’. I like to think that handspun yarn is a way of breaking down our expectation of knitting according to precise rules and patterns and just seeing what happens. If there are no rules then there can be no mistakes! Knitting something like a simple cowl, hat or mittens allows for enough flexibilty that precision need not be a part of the process. The natural beauty of a fibre which has been lovingly produced by hand will speak for itself and give you a totally unique finished product.

To guide new knitters I wrote this simple fingerless mitten pattern and have packaged it with a mixture of my beautiful hanspun yarns in  coordinating shades. They knit up in an evening and are knitted on straight needle requiring basic cast on and knit and purl. I can also put together other colour ways or undyed fibres on request.

Most of my fibres have been processed entirely by hand. I wash the fleece in my kitchen sink and dry it in my garden before carding, dyeing, blending and spinning. The final yarn is always unique and seeing freshly spun and washed hanks drying in the sunshine always makes me happy. Hopefully a little sunshine and warmth stays in the fibres to make a truly special finished article.

I also used these yarns for hand weaving scarves and knitting bags and the possibilities for freeform knit and crochet are endless!!yarns--kits--gifts/csvw
Easy fingerless mittens to knit

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