How to make a needle felt mouse

I’ve been so busy keeping up with website, social media and real life that I’m ashamed to say this blog has been somewhat neglected. Recent projects have included working on some felted animal shapes and planning felting workshops in Hampshire (UK) where I live. It’s often difficult to teach a group because some folk have already had a go and are champing at the bit to do more complex things whereas others have never picked up a felting needle and are quite unsure of themselves.

Hence I’ve decided to share with you one of my simplest little projects where I’ve written out instructions for making a little mouse. You will just need some wool (batts or roving are both fine), a felting needle ( a 36 or 38 gauge are good all rounders and you might like to have some spare as you will break them) and a piece of foam about the size of a car washing sponge. You can experiment with fleece from different varieties of sheep to get the feel for how easy or hard they are to felt. Fine fibres such as merino tend to be more floaty and less easy to needle felt than more curly and coarse ones such as Norwegian. Try lots of types so you become used to working with wool.

Your mouse can become a cat toy, a brooch or just a mouse! To download the instructions sheets click  Felt mouse instructions PDF



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