Foxes, hares and birds! New designs!

New designs

The beginning of my year was spent in my garden studio busy painting in my fingerless mittens as the winter winds whistled outside. With a studio cat and a little heater I was in my happy place, radio churning out Classic FM as I dipped into colourful gouache and worked on my Colourful Creatures range. They finally came back from the printer and I set off in my car to offer them to gift and card shops in my area.

Many of my regular stockists have taken them and the response has been fantastic but frustration has loomed at many shops where the owners have just returned from trade shows or had a visit from their regular card reps who have filled their drawers. It’s reminded me just how hard it is to get your designs marketed and the miles of legwork required. Usually I sell my cards at exhibitions where my originals are being shown, a natural setting for artists to share an affordable copy of their work but I’m determined to continue the uphill journey of finding new stockists. Mere phone calls and emails are rarely noticed, it always seems to need a personal contact with the customer. So often the ‘right person’ is only available on certain days or is on holiday and a return visit is not practical so I can see I’m going to have to invest some time.

The fun part is the few weeks of painting, then the less-fun part has to take over!

In the meantime, please enjoy my new designs here and if you would like to purchase any then please visit my website and share with your friends. Mounted prints of several are also available, perfect gift ideas.

fox hare rooster card designs
New card designs

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